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We are thankful for these expert locksmiths and their huge professionalism when it comes to resolving any type of issues with the keys and remotes of our car and minibus fleet. We recommend Keysman Locksmiths for your safety and protection, their team provides comprehensive locksmithing services for businesses and individuals. From key duplicates all the way through lock reparation. Having several mobile units with experienced locksmiths dedicated to take care of any requirement you may have related to Locksmithing 24 hours 7 days of the week. Date and time is never an issue.

Locksmiths in Palma de Mallorca do not hesitate if you need an experienced locksmith, always go with Keysman. They do offer a big selection of key models. They are even able to make keys for antique gorja locks, a kind of missing art. Our technology is calibrated with a precision of .0001 inches. Our key duplicates are so precise that we can make a 5th generation copy that will continue working perfectly fine as if it was from the first generation.

Rest assured at night knowing that you count with these professionals to take care of your home security and protection. Keysman covers all the needs you may have related to locksmithing services for your own house or community of owners. We can also help you find the type of lock that better matches your home´s decoration.

If your door gets locked or if you have lost your keys call Keysman to get it open on a timely manner. Avoid fraudulent companies that offer their services for a very low cost. You will end up paying hundreds of euros. We offer a complete line of services designed to increase your security and tranquility. Our team is highly trained and will unlock your door hassle free keeping the integrity of your lock and door.